Questions and answers (FAQ)

Est-ce que cette page est disponible en français?

Oui bien sûr, voir Questions et réponses.

Is the skoolie still for sale?

No, in fact, it was sold at the end of February 2024. Thank you for your interest :-)

Is a description of the skoolie available?

Yes, we have a page with details on the skoolie sale .

Reason for sale?

Our plans have been disrupted by health reasons. We are now looking smaller and are open for trades.

Asking price?

Make an offer :-)

Bus model?

2009 Blue Bird Vision bus of 38'.

Engine and transmission?

6.7 Cummins engine with Allison automatic transmission.

DEF or not?

I don't think so. Are we talking about Diesel exhaust fluid?


No. Rear wheel drive only.

What about the tires?

Tires are almost new, you should be good for decades!

Air conditioning? (Original, window, mural, on wheels, heat pump)

Electric house air conditioning (on wheels).

Suitable for 4 seasons?

No. We were planning to go to the 🌞 south.

Insulation type?

Original insulation.

Number of regular seats?

3 at the moment. A 2nd bench will allow 2 other seats by adding the belts.

Possibility of adding seats?

Yes (without belts).

Number of sleeping places?

Queen size bed (for 2). Optionally 2 bunk beds (to be screwed with 10-12 screws).


154,000 km.

Washer and/or dryer?

No but we can recommend a light washing machine from Amazon for 200$.

How many gallons/liters of water?

40 liters of drinking water as well as gray and brown water tanks.

Solar panels? Otherwise what?

Propane. Note that the location of the hoses and tanks is to be reviewed and must be certified to obtain class 5 (RV) certification. Stove/oven, fridge and heating run on propane. The fridge also runs on electricity (on a battery, you can add more in parallel).

Size of fridge and freezer?

Good question :-) It's from a Suburban trailer, like everything else in the RV system.

How many burners on the oven?

3 burners on the oven.

Are there any pictures?

Yes, several interior photos, exterior and details.

Propane, gas, electric? And, installation by professionals?

For propane, see the question "Solar panels? If not what?" above. The installation was carried out by the previous owner.

RV Plated or Heavy?

Currently heavy plated (Class 3 license or better required).

Can I still drive it if it's not fully converted?

Yes, if you have a valid class 3 permit, do annuel mechanical inspections and follow other heavy class procedures.

SAAQ inspection done when and was it successful?

The SAAQ mechanical inspection dates from July 2022.

Any mechanical issues?

No, inspection certification is available upon request.

Do you have any ressources to help complete the skoolie conversion?

Yes, please checkout our guides page.

Located where?

Mont-Saint-Hilaire in Montérégie, Québec, Canada.

Best time to come visit?

Just let us know. Flexible hours.

How to communicate with you?

The homepage for the skoolie sale contains our email and phone (514-394-7877).